Mop Machines

A standard in the mop making industry, the Ontarian line of mop manufacturing equipment has been a staple on mop production floors for over 15 years.  The quality and time-tested reliability of these machines make them perfect for both large and smaller-scale mop production.  Please contact us for further information and we will send you our DVD with literature and video files showing our machines in operation.

 DD-32 Dust Mop Fringe Machine
 Produce and sew fringe to backing in one operation

 Model DD-32 Dust Mop Fringe Machine sews fringe directly onto backing material. Simple operator setup for both closed or cut loops. Quick adjust guide for easy change from centre to side fringe. the specially designed guide folds previously sewn fringe out of the way so that it does not get sewn underneath the current row. All the loops remain, visable, resulting in a deeper looking pile.

Optional cut-to-length feature further reduces material handling and labour. the DD-32 can also run without backing material to produce finishing fringe. A reliable and flexible solution for all types of dust mop production.


Dimensions: Approx. 1.5m x1.5m (5' x 5')

Power: 200 - 230 Volt single phase

Mop Len.: Drive bars and sewing machines adjustable

Production: 4.9m (16') per minute

Fringe Size: 75mm-200mm (3"-8") loop to loop

Options: Cut-to-length feature reduces material handling and labour. Loop cutter for cut to end frindge. 


 DD-16/DD-17 Cut Mop Production System

With the model DD-16 head band stitcher you can improve productivity, eliminate the need for skilled sewing machine operators and produce a more consistent, high quality mop.  The DD-16 handles both loop and cut-end mop production, providing a very versatile and economical solution for head band stitching.  No loose yarns, automatic back-tack at beginning and end of seams, plus high quality stitching featuring your own customiseable patterns.  When combined with the DD-16, the DD-17 yarn puller/cutter unit provides a flexible and cost-effective solution for cut mop manufacturing.  The machines automatically feeds yarn to the desired length (up to 44") and cuts it.  The cut yarn is gravity-fed directly to the operator's sewing station, maximizing the production rate while reducing operator fatigue.  When the operator removes the cut length from the tray, another length is automatically fed and cut.  an integrated saw sharpener allows quick and convenient sharpening while maintaining production.

 DD-20 Loop Mop Winding Machine 

The model DD-20 loop mop winder sets new standards in ease of set-up, operation and maintenance.  Mop width adjusts without tools.  Each sewing machine and loop cutter has its own motor, eliminating drive belts and shafts.  Electronic controls ensure consistent, reliable operation.  Walking foot sewing machines virtually eliminate needle breakage and resulting downtime.  Both right and left hand machines use standard parts and set-up for easy maintenance.  

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