Plenty of room for the bulkiest of items -72" under arm clearance!

Ontarian 300 Specifications

 Machine Type: Long Arm Sewing Machine

Stitch Type: 401 (Two Thread Chain Stitch), single or multi needle

Overall Dimensions: 2400 (95") work surface (22") deep x 1270mm (50") high 770mm (30") work surface (adjustable +/- 20mm (3/4"))

Operating Speed: up to 3000 spm, depending on material.

Power: 220 vac single phase 5 amp Compressed air @6 bar

Applications: Swimming Pool Safety covers, ground covers, greenhouse shade covers, truck covers ect.

Special Features: Intermittent pulller with pneumatic lift. Heavy duty welded steel arm, 25mm (1") aluminum table rollers to ease material handling, guides to sewing webbing onto fabric (optional), and clutch or optional electronic motor

 Two recently completed machines ready to be sewn off

All machines are professionaly packed for worldwide shipping

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